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Belissimo! Highlights of the Milan Furniture Fair

07 May · Interior design

To dream big and create beautiful, meaningful spaces, you need to fuel your imagination with fresh inspiration – a fact of which we’re acutely aware.

So as to keep our finger on the pulse of all that is vogue in interior spaces, The Furniture Gallery’s Design Team made the trans-oceanic journey last month to Milan, Italy, where we attended the most keenly awaited event in the furniture world – the famous Salone Internazionale del Mobile Furniture Fair.

Besides fuelling on generous doses of the delectable native pasta and pizza (and maybe a Negroni or two), our team were afforded a glimpse into the freshest, most stunning and culturally relevant elements that will define the interior design world of 2019 and potentially beyond – confirming predictions and validating our educated guesswork.

Flexing our keen eye and instinct, we noted that much of what we now have in store and have ordered during our last buying trip, was to be found at the Salone Internazionale. Not to brag or anything, but one could call that some serious design intuition…

There was a heavy presence of luxe engineered materials like velvet and gold-plated metal, reflecting the obsession of 2018, as well as natural stone like marble.

We also saw an abundance of floral pattern as well as tropical print, articulated through wallpaper as well as singular, unique pieces like accent chairs and decor such as cushions.

Popular colours included pale blue, sapphire and navy, contrasted with accessories in citrus shades, while dusty pink and light grey also appeared across a broad range of pieces. Vertical tufted channel-style velvet seating and beds featured prominently at the fair, along with curved sofas in crushed velvet that conjured up Art Deco glamour. The Maximalism trend was in full swing, with pieces emphasising bold colours, rich textures and interesting shapes all at once to capture the eye and stimulate the senses.

Since returning from our journey abroad, the Furniture Gallery Design Team has worked to curate our newest pieces within settings to reflect the trends that dominated the Salone Internazionale. Below you will find that we have prepared a few of them, so as to inspire you today and provide fuel for your interior design dreams. Shop the trends of the Milan Furniture Fair now through our online store, or come see us at your local FG showroom.

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